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If you need to hire a car in Germany we can help. We search multiple car rental suppliers to find you the best hire rates we can. We provide access to a large number of suppliers and vehicles to give you the most comprehensive choice.

Click on the "Car hire Quote" button below to search for your car hire in Germany, and we will display a list and full details of all cars available.

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Driving in Germany

With astounding scenery and well-maintained roads, driving in Germany can be a pleasure, yet it is important to be aware of the regulations that come with it.

Rules and Regulations

A foreign driving license will mostly be valid in Germany for the first six months of stay, after which it will either have to be extended or replaced with a German driving license, the acquisition of which may require a test.

Appropriate restraint is required for children under 12 or under 1.5 meters tall, else they are not allowed to travel in the vehicle.

It is always important to have a license, vehicle registration document or car rental agreement and insurance document present in the car at all times. Should the license not have a photograph, a passport is required as proof of identification. If the vehicle is not owned, documented permission from the owner to drive it must be acquired.

Drink driving is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment depending on the extent of the offence.

Fines are issued on the spot and can be charged for any motoring offence, but it is advised to obtain a receipt of the fine from the officer administering it.

It is essential to have a first-aid kit as a precaution.

Petrol may be carried in a can. Most petrol pumps accept credit and debit cards although automatic pumps may not have this facility so it is important to top up for long journeys, especially when venturing into smaller rural areas.

Some German cities have ‘low emission zones’ and a permit is required to be able to drive through them.

Crash helmets are mandatory for all motorcycle drivers and passengers. Both front and rear seat occupants must wear seatbelts where they are fitted.

Snow Chains should most reasonably be carried in the vehicle at all times in winter, as the police have the right to discontinue any journeys made without chains being fitted when the conditions require their use.

It is not acceptable to be driving with parking lights alone. Low beamed headlights should be switched on at night and in bad weather.

Also, don't let the apparent lack of speed limits fool you. There are still speed limit zones where cameras are used to monitor cars on the road. Anyone exceeding the limit by more than 30km/h can be fined and have their license withdrawn for a period of time. Even if this is not chargeable on the spot, the offender will be notified of their liability through the post within a period of up to 3 months.

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